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LTC1100是Precision, Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amplifier

LTC1100 - Precision, Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amplifier

LTC1100 - Precision, Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amplifier - Linear Technology(凌力尔特)


The LTC?1100 is a high precision instrumentation amplifier using zero-drift techniques to achieve outstanding DC performance. The input DC offset is typically 1μV while the DC offset drift is typically 5nV/°C; a very low bias current of 65pA is also achieved.

The LTC1100 is self-contained; that is, it achieves a differential gain of 100 without any external gain setting resistor or trim pot. The gain linearity is 20ppm and the gain drift is 4ppm/°C. The LTC1100 operates from a single 5V supply up to ?8V. The output typically swings 300mV from its power supply rails with a 10k load.

An optional external capacitor can be added from Pin 7 to Pin 8 to tailor the device?s 18kHz bandwidth and to eliminate any unwanted noise pickup.

The LTC1100 is also offered in a 16-pin surface mount package with selectable gains of 10 or 100.

The LTC1100 is manufactured using Linear Technology’s enhanced LTCMOSsilicon gate process.

  • Offset Voltage: 10µV Max
  • Offset Voltage Drift: 100nV/°C Max
  • Bias Current: 65pA Max
  • Offset Current: 65pA Max
  • Gain Nonlinearity: 20ppm Max
  • Gain Error: ±0.075% Max
  • CMRR: 90dB
  • 0.1Hz to 10Hz Noise: 1.9μVP-P
  • Single 5V Supply Operation
  • 8-Pin MiniDIP
  • 应用
  • Thermocouple Amplifiers
  • Strain Gauge Amplifiers
  • Differential to Single-Ended Converters
  • 以下列出了不同封装及包装形式的具体型号,并标出了直接在linear官网上订货的价格(美元)
    器件型号 封装 温度 价格 (以 1 ~ 99 片为批量) 价格 (以 1000 片为批量)
    LTC1100CN8 N-8 C $7.50 $6.15
    LTC1100CN8#PBF N-8 C $7.50 $6.15
    LTC1100CSW SW-16 C $8.75 $7.10
    LTC1100CSW#PBF SW-16 C $8.75 $7.10
    LTC1100CSW#TR SW-16 C $7.16
    LTC1100CSW#TRPBF SW-16 C $7.16
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