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LT1253 - LT1253是Low Cost Dual and Quad Video Amplifiers

LT1253是Linear公司的一款高速放大器产品,LT1253是Low Cost Dual and Quad Video Amplifiers,本站介绍了LT1253的封装应用图解、特点和优点、功能等,并给出了与LT1253相关的凌力尔特元器件型号供参考。

LT1253 - Low Cost Dual and Quad Video Amplifiers

LT1253 - Low Cost Dual and Quad Video Amplifiers - Linear Technology(凌力尔特)

The LT1253 is a low cost dual current feedback amplifier for video applications. The LT1254 is a quad version of the LT1253. The amplifiers are completely isolated except for the power supply pins and therefore have excellent isolation, over 94dB at 5MHz. Dual and quad amplifiers significantly reduce costs compared with singles; the number of insertions is reduced and fewer supply bypass capacitors are required. In addition, these duals and quads cost less per amplifier than single video amplifiers.The LT1253/LT1254 amplifiers are ideal for driving low impedance loads such as cables and filters. The wide bandwidth and high slew rate of these amplifiers make driving RGB signals between PCs and workstations easy. The excellent linearity of these amplifiers makes them ideal for composite video.The LT1253 is available in 8-pin DIPs and the S8 surface mount package. The LT1254 is available in 14-pin DIPs and the S14 surface mount package. Both parts have the industry standard dual and quad op amp pin out. For higher performance, see the LT1229/LT1230.
  • Low Cost
  • Current Feedback Amplifiers
  • Differential Gain: 0.03%, RL = 150 ohms, VS = ±5V
  • Differential Phase: 0.28°, RL = 150 ohms, VS = &3177;5V
  • Flat to 30MHz, 0.1dB
  • 90MHz Bandwidth on ±5V
  • Wide Supply Range: ±2V(4V) to ±14V(28V)
  • Low Power: 60mW per Amplifier at ±5V
  • 应用
  • RGB Cable Drivers
  • Composite Video Cable Drivers
  • Gain Blocks in IF Stages
  • 以下列出了不同封装及包装形式的具体型号,并标出了直接在linear官网上订货的价格(美元)
    器件型号 封装 温度 价格 (以 1 ~ 99 片为批量) 价格 (以 1000 片为批量)
    LT1253CN8 N-8 C $3.00 $2.45
    LT1253CN8#PBF N-8 C $3.00 $2.45
    LT1253CS8 SO-8 C $3.25 $2.55
    LT1253CS8#PBF SO-8 C $3.25 $2.55
    LT1253CS8#TR SO-8 C $2.61
    LT1253CS8#TRPBF SO-8 C $2.61
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