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LTC4558 - LTC4558是Dual SIM/Smart Card Power Supply and Interface

LTC4558是Linear公司的一款SIM 接口产品,LTC4558是Dual SIM/Smart Card Power Supply and Interface,本站介绍了LTC4558的封装应用图解、特点和优点、功能等,并给出了与LTC4558相关的凌力尔特元器件型号供参考。

LTC4558 - Dual SIM/Smart Card Power Supply and Interface

LTC4558 - Dual SIM/Smart Card Power Supply and Interface - Linear Technology(凌力尔特)

The LTC4558 provides the power conversion and signal level translation needed for advanced cellular telephones to interface with 1.8V or 3V subscriber identity modules (SIMs). The device meets all requirements for 1.8V and 3V SIMs and contains LDO regulators to power 1.8V or 3V SIM cards from a 2.7V to 5.5V input. The output voltages can be set using the two voltage selection pins and up to 50mA of load current can be supplied. A channel select pin determines which channel is open for communication. Separate enable pins for each channel allow both cards to be powered at once and allow for faster transition from one channel to the other.

Internal level translators allow controllers operating with supplies as low as 1.4V to interface with 1.8V or 3V Smart Cards. Battery life is maximized by a low operating current of 65µA and a shutdown current of less than 1µA. Board area is minimized by the low profi le 3mm × 3mm × 0.75mm leadless QFN package.

  • Power Management and Control for Two SIM Cards or Smart Cards
  • Independent 1.8V/3V VCC Control for Both Cards
  • Supports Simultaneous Powering of Both Cards
  • Fast Channel Switching
  • Automatic Level Translation
  • Dynamic Pull-Ups Deliver Fast Signal Rise Times*
  • Built-In Fault Protection Circuitry
  • Automatic Activation/Deactivation Sequencing Circuitry
  • Low Operating/Shutdown Current
  • > 10kV ESD on SIM Card Pins
  • Meets EMV Fault Tolerance Requirements
  • Low Profi le 20-Lead (3mm × 3mm) QFN Package
  • 应用
  • GSM, TD-SCDMA and other 3G+ Cellular Phones
  • Wireless Point-of-Sale Terminals
  • Multiple SIM Card Interfaces
  • 以下列出了不同封装及包装形式的具体型号,并标出了直接在linear官网上订货的价格(美元)
    器件型号 封装 温度 价格 (以 1 ~ 99 片为批量) 价格 (以 1000 片为批量)
    LTC4558EUD#PBF 3x3 QFN-20 E $2.21 $1.55
    LTC4558EUD#TRPBF 3x3 QFN-20 E $1.61
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